this is my fandom. not yours.

my name is jasmine. friends also call me jas, jasmeanie, jasmeanieface, jasmeanor, jasmean, princess jazz, smooth jazz. pretty much anything. i'm a huge choir geek and i love to sing like there's no tomorrow. i love playing the piano. i've stopped taking lessons, but i still teach myself pieces. i'm a computer addict. i love photoshop. if i didn't have i'd probably die. i love kpop. i'm not korean, but i can read and speak very very limited. i love korean music with all my heart and soul. i love super junior (always thirteen), snsd (the popwer of nine), big bang, wondergirls, CSJH, dbsk..pretty much everything. But SM & JYP are my favorite korean music entertainment industries. add me if you want. i'm just here to talk about my day and post my artwork.